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Reputation really does matter

We want to add our good name to yours - and introduce you to the millions of homeowners that are searching on our website every single month for reputable tradespeople like you.

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Here’s how it works...


More people trust Checkatrade

Every Checkatrade member has to pass 12 checks – that’s why 8 out of 10 people would prefer to use a trade we’ve checked over one we haven’t.1

More people trust our reviews

Because we verify 9 out of 10 of all reviews our members receive, customers know that they’re genuine (and trust us all the more).2


More people trust - and find - you!

When customers see the Checkatrade ‘tick’ they know you’re the real deal.

More work comes your way

Update your profile page with regular reviews and photos and the work keeps coming.

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approved & guaranteed

The tick that means you’re guaranteed

Offering the Checkatrade Guarantee increases your chance of winning work. All work booked through Checkatrade is guaranteed for 12 months up to £1,000.3

Why join
It’s a trust thing.

You won’t find any cowboys here. We’re here for people who seriously know their trade, who take pride in their work – and who want to grow their business.

In fact, we removed 1,272 trades from our platform in the last 12 months who did not meet The Checkatrade Standard.